Delphine LaLaurie Was One Evil Bitch

Delphine Lalaurie escaped to Paris to avoid prosecution.

Delphine Lalaurie escaped to Paris to avoid prosecution.

All southern women know that there are two kinds of bitches: the one who is your best friend and the one you wouldn’t give a band-aid to if she was bleeding to death. Delphine LaLaurie was the latter.

Born in Louisiana in 1775 Madame LaLaurie led the charmed life of a New Orleans socialite. Flitting about from party to party, she married three times and bore six children. Along with her last husband Dr. Leonard Louis Nicolas Lalaurie she purchased the residence that became known as The LaLaurie Mansion.

Delphine loved to throw lavish parties complete with live music and an endless array of food. Everyone who was anyone arrived in their finest attire. However, the night of April 10, 1834 brought her charade of southern gentility to a screeching halt.

People had already noticed that even though Delphine was polite to her slaves, they always seemed haggard and scared. The source of their intense fear came to light when it was discovered that a female slave Delphine had chained to the kitchen stove, set the place on fire to escape the house of horrors. When firefighters got the blaze completely out, they were sickened and shocked to find that a room on the third floor of the mansion had been used to torture and kill more than a dozen slaves. Bodies were chained to the walls and mouths were sewn shut – and that’s the mildest act she and her doctor husband committed.

After the gruesome discovery, the people of New Orleans stormed what was left of the LaLaurie Mansion in order to hold Delphine accountable for the sick crimes. However, it was too late. Delphine had disappeared and was never seen or heard from again.

LaLaurie Mansion

Over the decades, various occupants have moved into The LaLaurie Mansion; a school, furniture store and apartments have all attempted to utilize the residence only to leave as a result of the sound of terror-filled screams and vandalized belongings.

Today, The LaLaurie Mansion continues to fascinate. Actress Kathy Bates portrayed Delphine in the television series American Horror Story and the most recent private owner is actor Nicolas Cage.

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