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Guns Allowed in Fannin County GA Schools

May 11, 2018 - School teachers in Fannin County Georgia are now allowed to come to school with guns. This decision was passed unanimously and has very few restrictions. They must carry the gun in a holster and take a safety class.

Obviously there are people who believe this is a sane, safe idea. But at least one teacher within the district is not happy with this decision stating:

I did not become a teacher to work in this atmosphere. I support gun rights, and have guns at home, but they do not belong anywhere on campus except in the hands of law enforcement.

Apparently, a March 2018 incident in which a teacher in nearby Dalton, GA  went berserk and fired shots in his Social Studies classroom - was totally ignored or forgotten.

Randal Jesse Davidson, a popular teacher and sports radio personality in north Georgia, was taken into custody after barricading himself in a room at Dalton High School and firing a gun.

We can't walk into the airport without taking off our shoes and running our bags through x-ray equipment - why is this not being implemented?

Teachers are human beings, with human failings. They make mistakes, they have undiagnosed mental problems, they may have violent tendencies. Some are just assholes looking to throw their weight around. (Come on, we all had one of those.)

Picture this:  A 5-year-old child being scolded at school for talking in class by a teacher/authority figure with a gun on his or her waist. Frightening isn't it?

Bottom line: Make it easier to keep guns out of schools - don't make it easier to get them in.


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